Image Gallery

Chapter 1 cover
Blade in Chapter 01 cover.
Blade's appearance
Blade shouting his name
Blade Handshake
Blade offers Arnest a handshake
The Doctor hitting on Blade
Blade being hit on by The Doctor
Blade defeats Leonard
Blade vs Leonard
Arnest yelling at Blade
Arnest yelling at Blade
Blade spots King
Blade spots King
Library Guards
Blade confronts the Library Guards
Royal Library of Banned Literature
Blade in the library
The King teasing Blade
King teasing Blade
Blade shows sympathy for Arnest's supposed "bullying"

Cover 1
Blade in Light Novel - Volume 1 cover.
Cover 2
Blade in Light Novel - Volume 2 cover.
Blade being scolded by Arnest
Blade, Arnest and Sophitia confront an enemy.
Blade original sketch
Blade's original sketch
Blade's appearance
Blade's design
Original sketch
Blade's original design

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